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"Our VTL  device improved our overall backup and restore throughput.  Sourcetek did an excellent job and provided us with an end-to-end solution including on-site consulting to integrate the appliance with our existing Legato infrastructure."


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Sourcetek Systems offers data protection solutions for physical and virtual OS environments; departmental to mid- and large-enterprise.  From traditional tape-based technology, to the latest in data deduplication, replication, and cloud data protection, coupled with Sourcetek's expertise you have the assurance of entrusting your digital asset protection strategy to a company with the experience an understanding to deliver on your investment. 

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Sourcetek represents best-in-class manufacturers of automated tape libraries and jukeboxes; ideal for long-term, low-cost data storage and archiving for organizations with large amounts of mission-critical data. These systems can be configured to scale as your data protection demands grow over time.  Your investment is further protected with multi-interface options available to meet your changing system topology. These systems offer high-availability, Web-based management and redundant components to ensure maximum uptime.

You came in and assessed our situation and identified potential problem areas.   You  gave me a quote explaining what steps would be taken to stabilize our tape backup environment and you delivered exactly what you said.  Our backups were unstable and unpredictable.  After your engagement, performance is very stable and up to par.  You met every qualification of our expectations."

Virtual Tape Library (VTL), data deduplication, and replication has quickly positioned disk-based backup technology as the mainstream backup methodology of choice for both virtual and conventional environments.  Sourcetek represents the leading suppliers in this market with a wide range of capacities to help solve today's real-world challenges including: exploding data growth, shrinking backup windows, evolving IT infrastructures, and the need to preserve technology investments. With our expertise in architecting backup solutions, Sourcetek can assist you in selecting the ideal solution from the maze of manufacturers and technology options.

Data protection and management software applications are the tools by which your organization can protect, share, preserve, and retrieve critical data residing on an array of distributed storage repositories; tape libraries, and network storage SAN and NAS arrays.  Sourcetek Systems offers and supports a variety of software solutions that ensure data protection/ availability and overall business continuity. Our solutions are industry-tested, time-proven, best-in-breed products that work in physical and virtual environments, supporting client/server, desktops and laptops. 

Cloud data protection service delivery technologies and capabilities have become increasingly reliable, secure, and commercially viable for small and medium sized businesses. Many SMB/SME users are now implementing cloud BU/DR capabilities to support the sustainability of their businesses. 


The "value" in an application-specific appliance lies in its convenience, simplicity and reliability in the execution of a specific function, and cost, both initial investment and ongoing management costs.  Be it WAN acceleration, email archiving or network security, your partnership with Sourcetek brings the right combination: expertise in data protection and management, combined with vendor partners offering a spectrum of solutions.





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